Life 2 The Limit 2010

In April 2010, ten ordinary people will leave behind family, friends, and the comforts of home, and embark upon an extraordinary journey of self-discovery. Armed with nothing more than the contents of a five-litre backpack, they'll set off for the raw beauty of the Asia Pacific archipelago, and 30 days alone on a remote island. Except they won't be entirely alone: they'll have snakes, insects, and thick tropical jungle for company - and, most challenging of all, each other.

There are no evictions, no immunities, no surprise luxuries: just one month learning to adjust to an alien environment, to make the jungle home, and to somehow survive on the island's fresh water, and whatever food the jungle and ocean offer. Food that will need to be hunted, trapped or caught. Hunger, sleep deprivation, and a range of emotional challenges - for the ten people involved, surviving the island could be their greatest achievement ever, as they discover exactly what it means to live Life 2 the Limit.

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Spend seven amazing days and nights at a stunning island in Thailand, sipping cocktails on the beach, eating incredible Thai food, getting wonderfully-relaxing massages, snorkelling, partying and relaxing.

HURRY! Competition entries close on April 4th,
the day before the first live update from the island will be posted on this website!


HOW DO YOU WIN?    Simply by guessing what the combined weight loss of our ten participants will be and voting on the right! Each participant will be weighed the day before they depart for the island and each of them will be weighed as soon as they touch down on the mainland again. All the lost kilos will be added and the person that guesses correctly (or the person that gets the closest to the final amount) will win!
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